few questions: is that painting done? (the painting from the video "painting 2"). subjects and objects (like artists, personal stuffs, environment, and etc.) that inspire you? where do you look for inspiration? and what makes a good painting?


I’m not sure if it is done, it’s current state is documented a few posts down… I’ve been letting it dry (it’s oil)

I’m most inspired by urban landscape, shapes in architecture and the textures on city walls. Grungy build up of paint, covered up graffiti and stuff. I also love looking at insects and flowers for color. 

As for artists, I love cy twombly, richard diebenkorn, amy silman, aydin hamami, joan mitchel… a lot more. lol 

inspiration is always hard to come by. As cheesy as it sounds, it comes from within

And what makes a good painting I DON’T HAVE A CLUE. lol. I have no idea how to answer that. 

Bad Art

A lot of people tell me that i’m closed minded when it comes to art. They say this because I frequently voice my opinions about art that I don’t like. 

I don’t like the tendency among many art students to accept every piece of art that crosses their path, no questions asked. In critiques, you never really hear anyone say that anything is “bad” but sometimes… it just is!

Let me define what I mean by “bad”. I’ll provide a common example. Imagine a painting on the wall, it is 40”x50” and it is on a pre-stretched canvas that is now warping off the wall due to improper support. The painting is of a naked woman, almost proportional but not off enough to seem like a conscious choice. She is floating unevenly in space like a sticker stuck over a vague environment. The background is mars black, with little bits of exposed canvas where the paint wasn’t quite fluid enough to go on smooth but the painter didn’t care. The edge where the background meets the figure is globby and uneven leaving a halo of bare canvas around the figure. There is cat hair in the paint…………………. that’s bad. And what’s bad about it is the lack of intention.

In too many of my critiques however, everyone just assumes that whatever bullshit is going on in the piece is intentional, but more often than not it is just the artist being sloppy or unknowledgeable. The issue with people accepting certain mishaps as decisions is that so many kids go through art school without anyone telling them that they have been using their stretcher bars backwards (true story).

This is less a matter of my own personal taste as it is a desire to cut out the casualist bullshit that is running rampant in institutions, glorifying laziness. There are plenty of kids here who make work i think is lame, but they make it well. It’s a matter of wanting people to care and be more conscious of their work and themselves and art in general. 

I liked the video a lot :) It's intresting to see how other people work! I have to admitt I'm slighty envious of your studio space^^



The studio is great, MICA is pretty good about that. Other students complain about how crammed it is (there’s like 3-4 people in a single studio) But the thing is, so many people are lazy and never use the space so it all works out. 

Pay no mind to those who say you don't put any "thought" into your paintings. People always brag about how "oh, I could have done that" but the minute you give them a brush and paint they are stunted and have no idea what to do, thus proving that they have no concept of color or sense of design.


Yeah, I mean, I dunno. Sometimes I do think that anyone can paint like me. Sometimes painting feels so natural for me, like breathing or something… and it makes me wonder how anyone couldn’t do it… but then other times i’m like “oh hell naw, im the best painter in tha world and all y’all bitchez wi$h u could paint like me!@#$5”


Man, getting to watch other artists work is always a privilege and an inspiration, and that video of you painting is fantastic. I'm jealous of the size of canvas you get to play with! I get so sick of the douchebags on here being so ignorant towards your work. If anybody can do it, why don't you spend years practicing and honing your skill and constantly learning and questioning and doubting then try it. Not everyone can do it, cos you didn't. Keep it up Julia.


I’m glad you’re into it! I’ve actually really grown to like filming myself working. I find it helpful to watch the video back and see where paintings went wrong, or where they went right, or whatever. When I’m involved in the act of painting it’s hard to be conscious of my process, but watching it back helps me see what I was thinking from a different perspective.

maybe im ignorant, but your art seems thoughtless and easy. i know everyone says it but for you i think it is a true "anyone can do this". im not trying to be rude this is an honest question. How do you justify your kind of painting?



I don’t even know how to respond to this without sounding defensive… But I assure you that a lot of thought goes into my work.

I don’t think anyone can paint what i paint, the same way I couldn’t paint anything that anyone else paints. It’s like handwriting or blowjobs or something. Everyone does it a little differently. 

I also think it’s important to point out that this certainly isn’t “my kind” of painting. People have been painting like this for decades. 

In the end, whether my painting is good or bad, if people like it, if it sells or not, if other people can do it… no matter what… I feel like it’s important that these things be made. That’s enough of a reason for me to be honest. 

Another video of some painting. 

Biggest canvas I’ve ever stretched. Let’s hope it don’t snap!

Biggest canvas I’ve ever stretched. Let’s hope it don’t snap!


Waddap wit dat pastel pallet (it’s almost easter) 


Waddap wit dat pastel pallet (it’s almost easter)